My name’s Nick England and I’m a professional photographer based in Dubai.
We work with a wide range of clients providing corporate photography services including, portrait, corporate, lifestyle, interior, event, automotive and press photography.

Recent Work

  • “We have worked with Nick for the past 5 years. Much of our work is corporate in nature with a particular emphasis on portrait shoots with senior company executives. Nick has a great manner with these senior people who are frequently working to tight schedules. He gets the job done in an efficient and professional manner while not compromising on the quality of the shots. I would certainly recommend working with him.”

    Barry Dunne, Lead Director – MerchantCantos
  • “Nick England is a dependable, highly skilled photographer. He has a creative eye and is happy to throw in his own ideas if required. Nick is very professional in all aspects of his work and can be relied upon to be punctual, work well with all clients and put in that extra bit of effort to capture the perfect image.”

    Ian Drinkwater, Co-founder and director, Performance Communications Middle East
  • “I have worked with Nick for more years than either of us would be willing to acknowledge. At this point, you don’t talk of work… It becomes a partnership of shared values, standards and outcomes. Nick is the outstanding accomplice of the pieces I need to create, whether beauty shots, social and PR coverage, or any other projects that just simply need to be perfect, and perfectly on time. I trust we will still be working together for many years.”

    Hares Shehab, Head of Corporate Communications – Havas PR

My name’s Nick England and I’m a professional photographer, based in Dubai, specializing in a range of corporate photographic services.

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  • Going green. Love this shot of the iconic @burjalarab - the sky was the perfect backdrop to the dramatic architecture 🍀

A new robotic ‘smart studio’ device aims to increase brands’ photography efficiency and productivity by replacing, to a certain degree, professional human photographers with artificial intelligence and a robotic camera/lighting system. Called StyleShoots Live, this smart studio is equipped with robotic lighting, a Canon 1DX Mark II camera, and machine intelligence for shooting, processing and exporting photos and video automatically.

The resulting content is automatically processed, including things like cropping images to certain aspect ratios or stitching together multiple videos. The final content can then be reviewed by the human in charge and, if approved, exported for various platforms. A human is given control over the entire process via a built-in iPad Pro with a Live View mode of the model.

Speaking about the smart studio, StyleShoots’ Head of Product Anders Jorgensen said:

‘Fashion brands need to keep their customers engaged with fresh content every day – and video shared on social media is the most powerful form of storytelling. To keep up with the continuous demand, StyleShoots Live creates stills and video ready for publishing on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and websites within minutes – without any manual editing or post production.’

Of course, such a studio raises concerns about technology and its potential ability to replace human photographers with machines. In response to that concern, StyleShoots explained in a long FAQ that it didn’t design its smart studio to be a replacement for humans. ‘To run a fashion shoot,’ the company explained, ‘you need a creative eye to compose the shot, pose the model and style the clothes — a robot can’t do that (yet).’

Source:DP Review

Is this the ends for snappers? No.

The tech involved here is fantastic, and for clients requiring fashion or product photography to be shot, that will then end up in a variety of different formates, then this could well impact some snappers.

Will robots ever replace humans in photography? I doubt it. Photography requires too much human emotion, judgement and observation, and currently AI is nowhere near replicating that.

What do you think?

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