It’s been a while since I shot a gig, and I miss it.

A lot of photographers are happy to shoot for free, or beer, or exposure, and I’m not into that anymore. I’m a mercenary old bugger with mouths to house and feed.

So, until the next time I get a paid gig supplying some rock and roll awesomeness, here’s a little reminiscing about some of my favourites.

Robert Plant 

A great gig from one of rocks’ most legendary frontmen.. And he signed my copy of Lez Zep four. Top bloke.


Keith Flint of The Prodigy 

A nutter on stage. My sister and brother in law know him back in the UK through horse riding. Rock and roll.


Dave Murray of Iron Maiden

Maiden.. What else can you say?



Played here with Velvet Revolver years ago. Very laid back fella.


John Mayer

Very under rated blues player.


Steve Tyler

The mighty Aerosmith frontman. First time I met him was in an elevator. No man love, but he was cool to chat to.



Mad as a box of frogs, but the crowd loved her.


Elton John

Knows how to put on a gig old Reg…


Status Quo

Sad to hear Rick Parfitt will have to stop playing.. Rather that than pull a Tommy Cooper.


The Darkness

Bovine shitkicker rock and roll.. A real laugh.


Paul Weller

The man is still a livewire.


I’m in the process of reworking all my old gig images to load up on their own site, and am also available to shoot any new gigs. Just not for beer.